Retreat & Renewal Centre

Retreat and renewal is important in ones life of being a follower of Jesus. Ballyards will be offering packages of directed and undirected retreats for individuals and groups.

  • Quiet Days

    Ballyards Quiet Days consist of short messages from our Spiritual Director alongside periods of quiet and reflection in the idyllic grounds of the Castle.

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  • Spiritual Direction

    Direction (Photo: Hello I'm Nik)

    Would you like to explore your journey with Jesus further by having someone walking with you?

    Spiritual direction helps people to explore their lives under Jesus’ direction with another in order to:

    • Enable that person to pay attention to God’s communication with them
    • Encourage a response to this personally communicating God
    • Grow in intimacy with this God
    • Live out the consequences of their relationship with God

    If you would like further details on the service of Spiritual Direction at Ballyards Castle please email:

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