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Retreat & Renew

A place to reflect

Retreat and renewal is important in ones life of being a follower of Jesus. Ballyards will be offering packages of directed and undirected retreats for individuals and groups.

  • Quiet Days

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    Ballyards Quiet Days consist of short messages from our Spiritual Director alongside periods of quiet and reflection in the idyllic grounds of the Castle.

    Each quiet day can take a different format, but here is an example of how a day could look.

    • A Quiet Day begins with a time of silence with some music, seeking God.
    • We open up a passage of Scripture and contemplate what it’s telling us.
    • We might write down words or draw what God is showing us through the passage.
    • A Day consists of Two Sessions, each taking a couple of hours.
    • Each Session begins with a short message from the leader who will draw some thoughts from the passage and use that to set our own path for the day.
    • Once we’ve heard the leader’s message we will be introduced with a set of questions.
    • We are invited to move out of the room and we are invited to find a quiet space. This could be one of the prayer rooms in the building or the Gardens, River and Woodland. For an hour, alone with God, we consider the questions and prayerfully ask God for guidance or for him to show us something about ourselves.
    • Once we’ve returned to the room, the leader will debrief our time, and we are welcomed to share our experience. This could be around our experience of just being quiet and still for a length of time.
    • The Day finishes with the same piece of music that was played at the start and a time of meditation.

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