Paying Attention to God

​A way of listening

​A way of listening

What happens when we listen differently, pay attention and recognise the voice of Shepherd God in every beat and breath of our daily life? What happens if we listen with greater sensitivity to ourselves and others, to this moment, to this God alive with us NOW?

Why not join us and find out?

  • Come on a journey of discovery in the company of experienced practitioners in spirituality and psychology
  • Experience the joy of listening and being listened to in ways that bring life to your relationship with God, self and others.
  • Explore scripture, Christian tradition and research on human and spiritual development, presented in down-to-earth practical ways through input and discussion, prayer and refection, and 1-2-1 listening opportunities
  • Develop a discerning heart by growing in self-awareness and appreciation of God’s desire for you.
  • Paying attention to God is open to all denominations and is particularly suited to those who fnd themselves drawn into listening roles in work, ministry or home. 

The phrase, “If today you hear his voice,” Implies that the divine voice must somehow be accessible in our daily experience, for we are creatures who live one day at a time. If God wants to communicate with us, it has to happen in the course of a 24-hour day, for we live in no other time. And how do we go about this kind of listening?

“Rummaging for God” Dennis Hamm SJ

PATG is a stand-alone course, also designed to identify and nurture a call to the increasingly popular ministry of spiritual direction. It is a prerequisite for ‘STEPS’ in Spiritual direction’ a two year Ignatian- based programme (9 Saturdays each year), beginning again in Edgehill in Sept 2018 and very popular with those seeking training that is interdenominational and easily combined with existing work/home commitments.

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