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School of World Missions


In Step in a mission and discipleship training course held at Ballyards Castle and in partnership with Drop Inn. Whatever your experience or knowledge, the wide range of topics and array of teachers means that it will be helpful and informative.

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A space to learn

The 12-week programme will equip and enable its students to walk confidently in their calling as a disciple of Jesus Christ by looking at…

A place to grow

The Castle is set in a unique location on the outskirts of Armagh, the ecclesiastical capital of Ireland.With its spacious grounds it’s the perfect place to reflect and grow in intimacy with God.

Ballyards Castle

A hope to share

The purpose of the school is to empower people to live a missional lifestyle by encouraging our students to take what they have learned, apply it to their lives and share the message of hope with people groups everywhere.

The Teaching Team