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Ballyards Residential Terms

  1. Ballyards Castle is a family run facility open to invited guests for personal stays and conference facilities. Upon acceptance of your registration we invite you to join with the Drop Inn family in community. We strive to offer a peaceful setting while also offering home cooking, worship times, and relaxation.
  2. Ballyards Castle has limited private bedrooms (By reservation only, when available) Accommodation at Ballyards Castle is primarily dormitory accommodation with the toilet and shower facilities being communal. However, we will try our best to have separate male/​female facilities.
  3. There is currently no available downstairs accommodation.
  4. All electrical equipment that is brought onto the Castle site must be PAT tested.
  5. All lights must be turned off at 2300hrs.
  6. The use of illegal drugs, alcohol and smoking is strictly prohibited.
  7. The use of candles indoors is prohibited. Supervised campfires and BBQ’s in the designated area only and with prior agreement by the General Manager.
  8. Ballyards Castle is the hub of Drop Inn Ministries Headquarters and has residents living on site. Therefore we ask that groups using the castle must give careful consideration to those residents.
  9. The person/​organisation responsible for the booking is also responsible for any damage or loss
  10. Liability: Ballyards Castle is responsible for providing safe facilities and a safe environment.
  11. Beyond that groups are responsible for the effects of their own actions on the site. The Castle will not be held responsible for loss or damage of cars or personal possessions.
  12. Final payment must be paid upon arrival.
  13. There is a prayer room on site and we encourage all visitors to the Castle to use this space. All we ask is for this space to treated respectfully.
  14. Within the grounds there is a recreation hall which can be used for recreational activities (if available) however Ballyards Castle or its staff cannot be held responsible for any injury which may occur when being used.
  15. We hope you find the Castle to be a comfortable place to stay and we ask all users to treat the property with respect and leave it clean and tidy.
  16. Any reservations for meals will be charged full price per person without 24 hours notice of meal cancellation.

Cancellation PolicyLink to this section

For bookings more than 2 nights, there is a no refund policy for bookings. As the accommodations at Ballyards Castle are limited, your reservation limits our availability of booking others.

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