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The Calling

Part 4

When he had finished speaking, he said to Simon, “Put out into the deep and let down your nets for a catch"

Luke 5:4

“Put out into deep…”

What has Jesus been saying to you lately? How has he stopped you in your tracks? How have your experiences of Jesus up to now transformed your life?

These fishermen were done for the day, they were tired, exhausted and unfulfilled. Then while minding their own business Jesus hijacks their boat and their time as he teaches the crowd about the kingdom of God. After receiving Jesus’ teaching they are offered the opportunity to move from hearing to experiencing more of Jesus as he asks them to do something they were already very familiar with, putting out into the deep. In fact the last time they were in that place it was exhausting and unsuccessful. But it was different this time for now in that same place they will experience overwhelming fullness, joy and empowering amazement as they catch a great quantity of fish to the point their nets began to break and need other’s boats to help bring in their catch. Jesus had transformed their experience of this place.

It’s in the ordinariness of life that we come across the ‘deep places.’ These deep places are already around us, they already are present in the midst of our daily lives where we can experience the fullness of Jesus just like these fishermen. It’s only by becoming aware of and allowing Jesus to meet us within these ordinary places of our lives do they become transformational experiences of God’s grace that are to be savoured. These are the deep places where life becomes extraordinary. It’s in these deep places where we experience the reality of who Jesus is. How does the message of Jesus lead to places of transformation in your life?

The Calling